Making sure you get the legal document preparation service you deserve at a price you can afford.

LEGAL-EZ is a Pro Se (for yourself) legal document preparation service in Honolulu. We are paralegals and/or legal assistants. Attorneys represent people. We are NOT attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. We assist people in their document preparation so that they can represent themselves (in court, and only if needed). If you know what legal action you want, we can help you. It is your constitutional right to represent yourself without the large expense of hiring an attorney.

We have the information available to help you make your decisions in your uncontested legal matters such as: Living Trusts, Divorce, Incorporations, Guardianships, and much, much more. Our objective is to provide the finest, most efficient, accurate, and affordable document preparation service available.

A Revocable Living Trust allows you to avoid probate while managing your own estate

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LEGAL-EZ is a full-service legal document company that will make the Divorce process easy for you

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We will be out of the office from Tuesday, November 22nd until Monday, December 5th to spend time with family and friends visiting. If you need assistance, please feel free to call or email us and we will respond as soon as we can.

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Legal Document Preparation Services &
Notary Public

We provide affordable Non-Lawyer form and document preparation services. You should not use our services as a substitute for obtaining legal advice. We are not attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Hawaii. We are not a government agency and our agencies, representatives, officers, employees and agents do not provide legal advice regarding your case.

We can assist you in the complete process of creating your Corporation or Limited Liability Company

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